With your support the plan is to install a new wood fuelled heating system and solar PV panels.

Under the Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, this would reduce the cost of the fuel we buy and provide additional income and make a significant contribution to balancing our books. Last year, PCC spent £33,000 on heating oil!

How does this work?

Buying a biomass boiler and solar PV panels is expensive, but once they are installed, the income that comes through the RHI and FIT is generous enough to be able to pay interest on and refund the capital spent on the equipment, with surplus left over to supplement other income at the pool.

How have we got on?

In October of last year NEL launched its share offer and the 105,000 shares sold has enabled us to buy and install an Evo P200 pellet boiler. This is now providing heat for the pool and we are looking forward to our first renewable heat incentive payment in the new year.

In addition to the sale of shares. We have been fortunate to obtain a number of charitable grants and donations for NEL and SwimNarberth and this has enable SwimNarberth to purchare and install solar panels on the roof of the pool. These will reduce the electricity costs for the pool and supplement the pool income through the FIT payments.

Many thonks goes to all our share holders and all those who have worked so hard on both these projects.



Narberth Energy Ltd supplying the energy needs of Swim Narberth
NEL provides for the energy needs of Swim Narberth as a community service

Latest News

The biomass boiler is now up and running and supplying heat to the pool. We are now looking forward to our first renewable heat incentive payment in the new year.